What Is Skin Fasting, and How Can It Help Revive Your Skin?

While scrolling through Instagram-we often get hooked on scanning those eye-catching 10-second videos promoting some skincare products. Coming from a community of impulse insta-scrollers, we don't admit it, but we all are guilty of rushing to get that product for ourselves and pray that it works for us as well.

In the alternate universe, dripping some serum could help get flawless skin, but in this universe-at times, we overdo it and end up harming our skin barriers. So, what is the solution? It starts with giving your skin a break! A much-needed break after lathering too many skincare products.

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Your skin needs a refresher too, and temporarily pairing down some products can give a merrier chance to rejuvenate. Minimizing product usage or not using any products comes under "skin fasting,"-this helps control overuse and allow the skin to rest. It means slacking off and cutting a few products to improve your overall skin health. 

Here Is Everything You Need to Know About What Is Skin Fasting and How It Works: 

What Does Skin Fasting Mean? 

In simple words, Not following any skincare routine or even applying any products on your face to let your skin breathe and rest. It allows your skin to heal and restore its natural course. Skin goes back to its natural functions without the help of any outside product.

The concept seems remarkably concise, but the procedure differs from one person to another due to multiple skin types. Plan a timeframe that should be considered keeping your skin type in mind and how much usage you need to control.

Skin fasting lets your skin revamp its protecting stratum corneum layer to promote skin health and strength. It also gives you an edge to identify if any product is causing breakouts, irritation, or other skin issues.

We all are guilty of being scum in the fad of trying new products and end up creating more problems for our skin-which wouldn't have occurred in the first place if we identified what works for us and whatnot. It is simply a process where we phase out a few products and give our skin time to adapt and restore.  

What Are the Benefits You Can Attain From Skin Fasting? 

Skin fast allows going back to its natural survival state, also known as returning to its natural homeostasis. The skin has its natural, self-regulating cycle, which flings when we put or use too much skincare.

Using too many moisturizing products might feel nice and smooth, but it signals your skin to produce less or no natural sebum. It creates a fuss, and skin ends up becoming drier.

The skin has its natural renewal rate, and using exfoliants like retinol, AHA, or BHA can chemically push its renewal rate and increase skin cell turnover. Skin fast can allow your skin to return to what it is supposed to do without any product-inducing it. When we strip the skin of all the products, it allows reset and improves the skin functions. 

As all skin types are different and have different components-this could go either way. If your skin is sensitive to certain products or the skin barrier is compromised- eliminating skin products can be a good thing because it encourages healing from within.

But if you use cell repair products in your daily skincare regime, then it might turn out to be worse. You can limit excess product usage and simplify the routine. 

What Does Skin Fasting Imply?

According to the experts, skin fasting allows eliminating or identifying products causing issues or simply giving your skin a chance to bounce back to its natural baseline. But here comes the catch-you can only be the judge of that if you try it yourself and see if it works for you or not.

You can also pause usage of active ingredients like retinol and let the skin regenerate cells itself. Starving off your skin can also become an intermittent practice where you keep certain products off and use them only when needed.

Once the usage is reduced, your skin goes back and switches the natural reset button, and starts healing the skin layers from within. You can only identify whether this works for you or not only when you try it with different variations.

It may not work for you as well cause this comes with unknown red flags that can strip off the barrier created by the skincare products you have been using. Dialing down and controlling the overuse of any product can combat all your skin-related issues and give skin-fasting-like benefits. 

We have the tastiest and most effortless way to take care of your skin from within, and you also do not need to worry about whether you are overdoing it or not, Jaw-Dropping Skin gummies!

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The Ingredients That Your Skin Will Love and Needs, and We Have Added All the Good Stuff to Nourish It Inside Out:

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# Glutathione: Glutathione helps revitalize the skin with reduced pigmentation and brighten with a natural glow. It plays a significant role in the continuous regeneration of healthy skin, and the protein can control skin pigment, enhance elasticity, and diminish wrinkles. 

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