#BreaktheBias: 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Deserves a Period Care Kit

"You are prettier cause you dare to shine the way you want! 

You are stronger because you believe in yourself and your power! 

You are You because every step you take, You keep breaking the bias!"

For decades female wellness has been deemed at the lowest of the healthcare chain. The hushh topic, where essentially the matters around menses, got wrapped under some top-secret bunker. To date, women have been rustled under the notion of taboos, and the best that came out of these misconceptions is another reason to laugh out loud.

Somehow, all the ads and wellness products are conceptualized by people who either have never experienced periods or are on the urge to shout out loud like Monica in Friends-I am on my period! It is largely marketed as women wearing white pants or roaming around as nothing happened or down the waist intimate feminine problem.

Period Care Kit | PMS Gummies

It is a shorthand expression for menstrual confidence, as per the blue liquid menstruation blood representation experts understand. But skipping to the good re-energized century has changed the narrative, and thanks to female-driven period care representation, we are getting an actual representation of what periods look like. 

We (Female Employees -PG) undoubtedly understood the assignment and curated something every woman should invest in (or get as a perfect period-loving gift)- That Time Of The Month, PMS care pack that has everything you can think of to keep your Period issues at bay. 

Sleep Mask:

Cause weant you to sleep tight: We all have those PMS-induced days where we would skip life just to get a few extra minutes to doze off (or get some good night's sleep, for that matter). We already have X-number of reasons we can't sleep at night (apart from Netflix watching cause that is a delight).

Not being surprised at all, the uncomfortable period cycle is one of them. That is why we have added an eye mask in the care pack to help you get a good, relaxed, and elevated sleep routine.

Our brain is wired to believe sleep time is when there is darkness in the room, but sleeping without distraction seems next to impossible with all the gadgets in our rooms. So, wear your eye mask and sleep tight! 

Period Calendar: To Keep You on Track and Ready: 

Okay, we all have those surprising moments, especially when we have a special occasion planned or are supposed to wear the dress we have wanted to wear- like a climax, your period knocks on the door.

It's like they wait all month to mess up your day. In conclusion, this is a fun way to cope with how few life-altering reasons provoke irregular menses, but in reality, you can stay on track with a tracker.

Normally, the periods happen after a 28 days cycle, so mark it and go on with it. You can rely on the calendar to make plans without any Period bumming your plans.

Period Product Pouch: So That Everything Is Readily Available for You: 

Women's bag is like Ali Baba's cave because every time you want something, just say the word cause you will get it inside, irrespective of how small the bag is. It's time for a new addition in the cave that especially caters to your period care.

This bag is super spacious and cute, and you can keep your tampons, candies, that time of the month gummies, some much more readily available for you whenever you need them. Who runs the world, women with period care pouch! 

A Period Badge: To Remind the World of Your Exemplary Power: 

This badge reminds you that you are a legend in the making, and you create the space that mends the world to bring peace. You are beyond a decade's worth of period-related euphemisms and conceits that dim your shine. 

That Time of the Month Gummies Pack:

Tasty solution to go on with your day: We want you to swiftly go through the most tiring and annoying time of the month, your Periods. Go, get yourself That Time Of The Month gummies to drastically improve your period symptoms, and it helps you become your happiest self paired with wholesome period nutrition intake. 

Learn More About the Product: 

Period pain relief gummies is curated for every menstruating woman keeping their daily toils in mind. Period care Gummies that help stay ensured and give each woman a chance to go through their periods without grinds.

These adorable rabbit-shaped gummies are your quick period pain relief that will change the way you deal with menses. Constant mood pangs, anxiety, bloating, painful cramps before & after your periods are restrictive, and they thwart your entire lifestyle. These strawberry-flavored gummies will help you bounce back to your daily task and allow you to move along with your lifestyle. 

That time of the month is infused with all the good stuff that fills the gap in nutrition and makes your period care effortless, what's more. These gummies taste so good that it does not mess up your taste buds:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is crucial for a healthy menstruation cycle, and it helps ensure that the body functions at its best pace. You end up losing a significant amount of red blood cells that your body needs to produce during the menstrual cycle.

Consuming Vitamin C day-to-day helps boost better iron absorption into your body and repairs body tissues. Vitamin C-rich foods are positively effective for relieving menstrual pain. 

Vitamin B6: B6 is a prominent and compelling vitamin that lessens a broad range of PMS symptoms and mood swings. Vitamin B6 helps produce neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters help regulate the hormones, strengthening immune functions, and they play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy metabolism. B6 helps produce more happy serotonin and dopamine hormones which help keep you calm & relaxed.  

Chaste Berry Extract: Chaste Berry can relieve symptoms of PMS by lessening levels of the hormone prolactin. It helps rebalance other hormones, including estrogen and progesterone production. It helps decrease constipation, control irritability, improves sad mood, migraines, breast pain & tenderness, and lessens acne breakouts.

Magnesium Sulfate: Magnesium can reduce stress, improve insulin resistance & helps with PCOS, prevents premenstrual migraines. Magnesium performs soundest in combination with vitamin B6. It helps relax the smooth muscle of the uterus by decreasing the prostaglandins that cause period pain. 

Comfort and Love to Deal With Your Periods: You deserve to be happy, carefree, confident, and always reaching your goals without periods coming in your way! 

To all the ladies out there, these gummies are curated just for you! It is time to relieve PMS symptoms before or after the monthly menstrual cycle. No more emotional nuisance, mood swings, and say adios to those painful cramps and muscle pains. 

That Time Of The Month gummies are delicious and give you a dip in strawberry flavor.

How to Include These Gummies in Your Period Care Regime: 

 You need to take 2 Gummies a day - 3 days before the due date of the menstrual cycle, four days during the cycle, and after three days of the cycle. 

All you need is two gummies a day to enjoy comfortable & carefree periods! 

That Time Of The Month gummies are Vegan & cruelty-free, Gelatine & gluten-free, and have no side effects, which make them perfect for all menstruation women.

We care about you, and if you resonate with any of these signs mentioned above in the blog, we recommend you reach out to a medical professional for help. 

#BreaktheBias: 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Deserves a Period Care Kit | Power Gummies