10 Step Skincare to Manage Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

Shine bright like a diamond! We all want that glowing and radiant complexion just like a diamond, even though that is possible with a shiny dusting powder called Instagram filter, but without the filter, we have greasy, oily, and excess sebum skin that needs your attention! That surplus oil does make your skin shiny, to be honest, not very appealing.

Skincare to Manage Oily and Acne | Jaw dropping skin

We heard your plea and found the worth routine, or you can consider adding this to your regime to regulate oily skin.

Let's Naturally Get Rid of the Oil Mess and Add Care Abundance the Right Shiny Way:

What Makes Your Skin Oily?

Sebum is the secret behind oily skin-and sebum gets produced by the sebaceous gland in the hair follicle. The skin has considerably more hair follicles than the entire body. It is the reason why we feel more oiliness on our faces than the rest of the body. Sebum lubricates the skin, limits the growth of bacteria, and helps provide hydration to the skin, plus diminish dryness.

When it gets produced in moderation or as required, it helps keep a steady balance. The amount of oil usually determines the moisture balance, and when the scale tips the other side, the excess production causes oily skin and pimples. 

We Have Found an Ideal (Groundbreaking) Skincare Regime That Helps You Control Oil and Nourish:

Cleanse-oh, Wait Double Cleanse :

We often take this step for granted or overdo it, and using a cleanser to clear oil & dirt is a crucial first step. If you belong to the *too tired to wash my face clan* then remember that you are one step closer to evoking a breakout nuisance.

And it is also time to get rid of the bathroom hoard-Face wipes to wipe your makeup in one swipe because these wipes are an open invitation to create more fuss for you. Add double cleanse technique into your regime if you apply makeup daily.

The first cleansing will help get rid of dirt and grime, and the second will help get rid of makeup leftover. Overdoing will strip your skin of its natural protective oils and this triggers more sebum. The ultimate goal of cleansing is to clear dirt and beat excess oil or greasy skin.

Ensure getting a cleanser that has salicylic acid, use a coin-size amount, wet your face and later the products, massage it well to remove the oil, and get the product off using cold water.

Not All Oils Are Your Enemy:

Some oil-dwindling products strip the last drop of sebum that aids in providing the moisture your skin needs, and to minimize, we need the right kind of oil-based products to steady the supply. Oil production is overloaded when we use products that strip the oils.

Use products that assist with balancing the skin's natural oils, this will help you produce less sebum, and your skin will look less greasy. Use non-comedogenic oils such as argan oil, black raspberry seed oil, or rosehip oil that do not clog your pores and do not exacerbate sebum production.


Oh, we all have fallen in the scrub your face, daily trap! It does no good to your skin, we end up overdoing which causes redness, inflammation, and irritation. When we exfoliate pimples & breakouts, we tend to pull away from the healthy skin cells and open a wound or worse skin scar.

Refrain from exfoliating your skin every day and try scheduling it only 2-3 a week or stick to exfoliating during the Sunday skincare routine. Over exfoliating can uptick the oil production, use chemical exfoliants that comprise a blend of glycolic and salicylic acids. This blend swipes off excess oil, dead skin and prevents pores from getting clogged.

Use SPF to Defend Those Rays:

SPF to Defend Those Rays | Collagen Builder

Please put an extra emphasis on using SPF! Look for oil-free and non-comedogenic formulas, these sunscreen options will not clog your pores and reduce sun UV rays damage.

Towels Don't Clean Themselves:

If you are repeatedly damping your face and hands with the same towel after washing, then you might want to skip that part. Consistently reaching for the old towel harbors more bacteria which leads to more pimples.

It doesn't mean buying a new towel to dampen your face every single time. Try to wash your towel every second day, and ensure using products that are natural & chemical-free.

Use Toners but the Hydrating Kind:

There is n number of toners available that tend to do the job of getting rid of oiliness from your skin, and specifically, try not to pick the alcohol-based toners as they dry out the top layer of your skin. It leads to even more sebum production and makes your skin even oiler.

Try hydrating toners instead or micellar waters that have astringents like charcoal and witch hazel, or have moisturizing ingredients glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera to both mattify and shield your skin.

You Might Wanna Drop That Delicious Pizza:

Your gut is another reason you have Oily skin! People who suffer from oily skin should control their daily intake, as daily induce oil production. Include zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, and omega 3 to control the oil production.

Nutrients like Zinc help control the oil production in our glands. Take legumes, nuts, and Zinc-Fortified foods to ensure you are not deficient. High sugar and fried foods can likewise increase oil production and generate an insulin hormone which boosts sebum production.

Even Your Pillowcases Matter:

Dirty bed sheets and pillowcases can become a dirt source that ushers pimples and affect your overall skin health. Wash your sheets once or twice a week to prevent bacteria from building, or at least wash your pillow covers once a week. You put your face on the pillowcase first thing when you lie down, so ensure-washing your pillow covers plus invest in good quality pillow covers.

Your Phone Screen Needs a Thorough Cleaning Too:

We touch our phones a gazillion times- after touching your phone, so many times it can get pretty dirty. Clean your skin daily, keep your disinfectant wipes to clean the screens. Even try keeping your speaker or headphones clean.

Sleep Deprivation Is a Real Thing:

Too much stress or not getting enough sleep can become the reasons your acne flares up. Stress can become a real issue that makes your skin tired and increase sebum production. Try enduring stress-relieving practices that relax your body and lower stress. Take bubble baths, listen to music or include a skincare session.

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The Ingredients That Your Skin Will Love and Needs, and We Have Added All the Good Stuff to Nourish It Inside Out:

Vitamin C & E:

Vitamin C and E help Reduce sun exposure giving a smooth texture and radiant glow with improved collagen elasticity. Vitamin C is crucial for healthy skin, plus it helps to recover damaged skin.

Evening Primrose Seed Oil:

This oil soothes inflamed skin, improves skin elasticity, and prevents acne. Evening Primrose Seed Oil helps increase overall health, plus it does wonder when it comes to improving skin texture.

Sea Buckthorn Powder:

Retains moisture resulting in beautifully soft skin. Sea Buckthorn Powder helps revitalize the skin, boosts collagen levels. It reduces inflammation caused by UV exposure, sun damage and relieves skin dryness.

Grape Seed Extract:

It improves the skin's appearance by reducing blemishes and age spots. It increases the cell turnover and collagen synthesis that makes skin elastic. It raises moisture levels providing the nourishment skin needs, plus it helps Vitamin C and E to become even more effective.


Glutathione helps revitalize the skin with reduced pigmentation and brighten with a natural glow. It plays a significant role in the continuous regeneration of healthy skin, the protein can control skin pigment, enhance elasticity, and diminish wrinkles.

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