10 Foods That Can Help With Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Craving donuts? Tempted by those sugar cubes, and all you think about eating them? What if we tell you that your cravings are linked to your brain chemistry and hormones triggered by everything sweet around you!

Too much sugar consumption is a thing that can be controlled by adding a few measures, and if you blame yourself for consuming, then it is time to change the perspective because people who eat sugar consciously also end up eating more than they anticipate. Some people think that this is an actual disorder, and the thought of giving sugar up seems challenging.

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The daily sugar allowance for women should be six teaspoons, and for men, nine teaspoons. You eat about 25 grams of sugar, and men can get 36 grams per day.

Firstly, sugar provides no nutritional worth, and they are empty calories plus contain no vitamins, minerals, protein, or fiber. Sugar addiction is a real thing, if you have a sudden sugar craving, then look for substitutes that are safe and benefit you. Sugar substitutes help push your metabolism and fuel hunger, white sugar can spike blood sugar levels and affects your immune system.

Sugar is in literally everything, and even products that claim to be sugar-free can have some amount of sugar that is a problem. Sugar is basically oxygen the more you take in, the more you want to consume.

Chronic exposure to sugar causes chemical changes in the brain, and we crave it. The brain needs a stable amount of consumption to balance the cravings, which helps reverse the addictive behaviors. To feel normal again, we need to eat less sugar and reduce the feel-good hormone that is a brain drug, and we need more normal hormones to control sudden sugar cravings.

There are many reasons you are craving sugar, and you need to understand why it starts. Do you crave sugar even when you are full? Do you like to binge or eat sweets to make you feel better or experience withdrawal? These questions are answerable when we take certain matters in mind.

Compulsive sugar consumption is a physiological trigger point, and to address this, you need to plan a balanced diet, eat healthy meals, drink water, and consume supplements to increase nutrient intake.

So, plan your meals according to sugar requirements in mind, and whenever you go to your pantry for a box of cookies, try switching to a better option. Make a conscious healthy choice and train your brain the right way.

Here Are 10 Food Items That You Can Eat When You Crave Sugar:


A great source of antioxidants, Berries surprisingly are high in fiber, but the sugar content is minimal. It is an excellent choice if you have sudden sugar cravings as they are a highly nutritious and easy snack option.

Chia Seeds:

nutritious chia seeds | fastest way to lose weight

Chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids, soluble dietary fiber, and some healthy plant compounds. These seeds contain 40 % soluble fiber and form a jelly-like substance in your gut which makes you feel fuller longer plus prevents sugar craving. You can add chia seeds in your desert, salads, and even in your drinks.


Dates are highly nutritious, a great source of fiber, potassium, iron, and beneficial plant compounds. They are sweet and also provide you with nourishing nutrients. You can eat dates and pair them with nuts, you can consume 2-4 dates at once.


Yogurt helps control your craving and manage your appetites, plus they are high in protein and rich in calcium. You can consider it a lower-protein snack, and it is available sugar-free.


You can pick and choose nuts like almonds loaded with beneficial minerals and are full of fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E plus helps lower blood sugar levels and reduce blood pressure. You can add other nuts as an alternative because they keep you full for a long time and have tons of nutritious health benefits.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are splendid, naturally sweet, super filling, and highly nutritious food that can help you curb sugar cravings. It has vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium, plus it helps control sugar craving.

Fermented Foods:

Korean women swear by fermented foods as they help balance the good bacteria and improve gut health. Yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut are sources of beneficial bacteria, they reduce the number of disease-causing bacteria. These fermented food compounds help control hunger pangs and increase the fullness hormones.

Whole Grains:

Whole grains contain nutrients such as Vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and selenium, plus they are high in fiber. These grains help stimulate the increase of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria, Lactobacilli, and Bacteroidetes in your gut. They keep you full for a longer duration of time.

Dark Chocolate:

A sugar-free dark chocolate contains magnesium, essential fibers, and Vitamins-B. It helps curb your sugar craving and satisfy your sweet tooth. Add dark chocolate to your smoothies, fruit bowls, or eat one piece whenever you are craving sugar.

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