Hypertension: Its Causes and Solutions

With changing lifestyles and habits, people are more prone to obesity, metabolic issues, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension. Hypertension is not only common in adults but it’s also widespread among children. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which blood flows through your arteries at a higher pressure than usual. It is also known as a “silent killer” that silently damages the blood vessels and leads to serious health problems. 

However, the role of stress remains enigmatic, being the possible reason for hypertension. For this many studies show that sleeping supplements work like magic as a good amount of sleep helps in lowering blood pressure. Every year on 17th May “World Hypertension Day” is celebrated to bring global awareness about the harmful effects of hypertension. 

The theme of World Hypertension Day 2023 is “Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer.” This year the theme focuses on spreading awareness about Hypertension and its accurate measurement method. However, there are numerous ways to control hypertension, research also suggests that consuming the best sleeping gummies available in the market helps reduce hypertension. 

Here are some of the possible daily activities that act as agents in causing and affecting Hypertension and how to maintain it:

1. Obesity: 


Being overweight is a condition that affects the body composition thereby damaging the aspects of organs and contributing to the overall burden of life-threatening health issues worldwide. Obesity in particular has been associated with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Due to other health-related conditions, obesity can also make it difficult to treat hypertension. 

However, it is possible to manage your weight and so is your blood pressure. Well, surgery and medications are of course one of the ways to reduce obesity and thus control hypertension. Nevertheless, lifestyle changes still remain the best key to establishing a healthy weight. This includes eating a healthy diet, limiting caffeine consumption, and introducing active habits daily such as practising yoga

2. Tobacco/Alcohol Consumption or Vaping: 

Research shows that the consumption of alcohol and tobacco is highly associated with hypertension. Particularly in men, the amount of alcohol intake is linked with increased blood pressure. Smoking tobacco immediately increases blood pressure. It injures blood vessel walls and can lead to heart attack or stroke if it’s left unbothered. 

By reducing alcohol and smoking simultaneously, the risk of hypertension can be lowered. Although cutting on alcohol or tobacco consumption is hard for you, ask your care provider for advice or tips or seek medical help to quit.  

3. Low Potassium: 

The intake and balance of potassium are important to maintain heart health. It helps balance the amount of salt in the body’s cells. Low potassium levels in the body can be found due to a lack of potassium in diet or due to certain other health conditions. 

Therefore, intake of food that is rich in potassium like potatoes, spinach, avocado, and bananas is important. Increasing the intake of potassium lessens the effect of sodium on the body. Potassium helps to ease the tension in your blood vessel walls, which further helps in lowering blood pressure. 

4. Lack of Sleep: 

Lack of Sleep

The less you sleep, the higher your blood pressure can go. Your daily habits, activities, and diet are some of the factors directly related to the reason for your tossing and turning around in bed all night. These habits result in irregular sleep patterns which can further cause hypertension. If you are sleeping less than six hours every night you are more likely to have high blood pressure. 

Although, if you already have high blood pressure, getting inadequate sleep could worsen your condition. Inadequate sleep can increase your hypertension but good peaceful sleep can reduce your blood pressure. Get the right comfortable mattress, put away your phone at least 30 minutes before sleep, and incorporate some healthy habits like meditation to help you sleep like a bunny. 

Apart from this, you can also include some sleeping supplements in your daily routine for a deep slumber sleep. 

To Sum up…

Hypertension or high blood pressure is very common in adults and now in children as well. It can be dangerous if it’s not treated and can put you at risk of stroke, kidney failure, or other medical conditions. Changing your diet, exercising more, and improving your sleeping schedule can help lower the risk of hypertension. Since a high level of stress can also help induce high blood pressure, it is important to sleep peacefully at night, as good sleep can solve half of your problems. 

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