Power Lean: 5 Chair Exercises to Boost Your Fitness Level

The final countdown has begun! We all have started taking out our dear diaries and pinning down the New Year's resolution while we are snuggled in our beds or maybe sitting on our couch. We all try to kick a new habit in the new year, the new me regime, but it is challenging to continue because of our swamped lifestyle.

We often tend to spend most of our time sitting on chairs because we don't really have a choice. But we have a solution to maximize your sitting time and increase your chances of getting back in shape without standing or moving around-Chair exercises! It is a superb way to fulfill your fitness pursuits and achieve your weight loss goals.

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Firstly, What Exactly Are Chair Exercises?

Chair exercises are the new-age adaptation of exercises that are more convenient and easy to do even with an injury. Chair exercises are primarily considered for seniors, injured, or have stability issues, but they are getting accepted as unconventional activities performed at home.

Benefits of Chair Exercises :

They are the safest method to perform exercises at home with minimum equipment. Chair exercises provide support and are also portable, plus you can accomplish them at your convenience.

These exercises are easy to track and achievable within your home vicinity. It stabilizes your lower body and focuses on flexibility, strength, and coordination. They can significantly improve your posture and coordination, and these exercises reduce the risk of falling or serious injuries.

Are They as Effective as Standing Exercises?

Chair exercises are great alternatives if you are not able to add standing exercises to your routine. Standing exercises have benefits like improved posture, balance, and bone health, but chair exercises are equally efficient. It also depends on the intensity or how much efficacy you can perform the exercise.

Exercises You Can Do With the Chair :

Leg Extension :

(i). Start by sitting in an upright posture, holding both front legs of the chair.
(ii). Lift your leg in the air slowly and keep your knee straight, plus slightly above the ground.
(iii). Take deep breaths and slowly extend your leg until it is parallel to the floor. Hold for 2 seconds and down for 3, then repeat it with another leg.

Arms Extended Plank :

(i). Start by placing your hand on the chair and pulling your shoulders down away from the ears.
(ii). Make sure your elbows are pointing straight ahead.
(iii). You can start walking your feet back until you are in plank position. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat.

Chair Squat :

(i). Start by standing facing the chair backward and your feet shoulder-width distance apart.
(ii). Keep your back straight and core tight. Lower yourself like you are about to sit on the chair slowly and keep your hands in a sturdy position.
(iii). Push through the feet and get back up.
(iv). Then stand up.

Sit to Stand :

(i). Sit on the chair and keep your hand straight parallel to your knees. Take a breath and exhale as you get up.
(ii). Sit back slowly and continue taking a deep breath.
(iii). Keep your core engaged and control your movement.
(iv).You can repeat it 5-10 times.  

Seated Rotation :

Start by sitting in a proper position and clutch your hands back behind your head. Slowly exhale as you rotate your upper body to the right.
Slowly inhale, pulling your center back in the position. Then repeat alternating sides.

Before you get your chair and start with chair exercises, don't forget to take your 2 gummies for the day!

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Power Lean: 5 Chair Exercises to Boost Your Fitness Level | Power Gummies