Eco-Friendly Alternatives For Your Period

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable products are terms we've all heard before.

Have you heard of menstrual products that are both environmentally friendly and biodegradable? If you answered no to the last question, continue reading.

If you answered yes, it's possible that it will supplement what you already know.

There isn't a more straightforward method to approach the topic. The average woman menstruates for roughly 40 years, according to the Women's Environment Network.

A woman uses roughly 20 tampons or pads every month, for a total of 240 per year and 9,600 in her lifetime.

These traditional pads and tampons are constructed of plastic and bleached using chemicals such as chlorine. It takes 500-800 years for a single 90 percent plastic pad to degrade.

These non-compostable pads and tampons wind up in sewer systems, landfills, and, sadly, even bodies of water.

The majority of the chemicals in these plastic pads pollute groundwater and deplete soil fertility.

It creates hazardous vapors such as dioxins and furan, which contribute to pollution. After all, it's made of plastic.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a rash-free, environmentally friendly period? To begin, here is a list for you to peruse.

Bio-degradable Sanitary Pads

These pads are a popular alternative to non-biodegradable pads because they are made of naturally degradable materials, including the leak-proof backing, which can degrade fully.

Hemp, bamboo fibre, banana fibre, corn or palm starch, ecologically produced cotton, and water hyacinths are some of the materials available, depending on the brand.

It's a lot easier to transition because you can use them like any other plastic pad and avoid getting a rash.

Cloth Pads

These are composed of organic cotton and can last 3 to 5 years if properly cared for.

Use them just like any other pad, and when you're done, wash them properly and dry them in the sun. The finest disinfectant for the cloth pad is UV radiation.

Some styles include inserts and can be worn on days with light to high flow.

You can even figure out how to construct one that meets your needs! You can properly dispose of the cloth pad when it has served its purpose, and it will degrade in 6 to 8 months.

Period Panty

A period panty is no different than any other panty. It's designed to be leak-proof and can be used for a variety of tasks.

Apart from menstrual bleeding, it can be used for minor incontinence and postpartum hemorrhage.

You may use it without worrying about it leaking, and the inserts will stay in place.

It can be used for up to two years and then discarded in the same way as the cloth pad.

There are also leak-proof period panties available for swimmers around the world.


They're made of organic cotton that's been farmed without pesticides, plastic, or chlorine bleaching.

Some brands sell biodegradable tampons with an applicator that is also environmentally friendly and may be used for years.

Menstrual Cups

Medical-grade silicone is used to make menstrual cups. Some brands also produce it in a vegan-friendly manner.

It is designed to collect rather than absorb vaginal fluids and blood, and it is simple to insert and remove from the vaginal canal.

It must be sterilized before and after each use, which is simple to do with hot water and a light soap if desired.

After the initial usage, flush the contents, rinse it with clean water, and it's ready to use again while on your period.

A single cup can last up to 10 years and can be used for up to 12 hours per day.

There are several manufacturers that offer a variety of menstruation cups to assist you to find the ideal one for you.


So you might be curious as to what can be done. There are a variety of environmentally friendly and biodegradable menstrual products to choose from, with something for everyone. You can select one or a combination of options that best meets your requirements.

Anyhow, you could have saved a tonne of cash!

At the very least, reduce the environmental impact!

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