Exercise During Periods: Yeah Or Nah?

Don’t want to give up on your workout routine even during periods?

Then don’t!

Let’s break the ice on this one. So, a lot of women give up exercise for a couple of days while they are menstruating but that’s technically not right unless the pain is beyond words can explain.

We’ll give you reasons to ‘continue’ your exercise routine even during your menstrual cycle. 

The Benefits Of Exercising

Your periods make you a sloth bear and this is because the hormones estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest during your cycle which makes you feel tired and less energetic. 


However, the benefits of exercise and sticking to your routine can help you ease your PMS symptoms.

So, Rather than ceasing all the activities during your menses, make use of this week and try some new workouts.

Before that, here are some benefits of exercising during your periods.

Ease PMS Symptoms

This is a proven fact that adding exercises like aerobics, cardio, etc. to your daily routine help you fight fatigue and mood swings during and before your periods.

Exercising relaxes your muscles as well as your mind which ultimately decreases PMS symptoms like cramps, abdominal pain, etc.

Endorphin Rush

A regular workout gives you a natural endorphin rush and can help in the elevation of your mood to make you feel better.

Also, Studies show that the first two weeks of your periods allow you to experience an increase in strength and power due to low levels of female hormones.

Combat Period Pain

Not only PMS cramps but there are painful periods too. But exercise can help you fight even this.

Light exercises like a walk for 5-10 mins can help you fight the period blues.

Exercise To Do On Your Period

The first few days of your period might be tiring and lazy especially if you are experiencing heavy flow.


That’s why during this time try to focus on gentle exercises and avoid high-intensity workouts involving equipment.

In short, you should do something you feel like doing and don’t force your body to go beyond at least for a few days.

Light cardio

It keeps your cardio or aerobic at a low intensity or cut the amount you do usually.

Stick to walking or aerobics that are light. You can always go for stretching exercises and meditation to relax your body and soul.


Your periods are the best time to engage in yoga and help you reduce symptoms like breast tenderness, fatigue and soreness.

Some common yoga poses to try are cobra pose, child pose, etc.

Strength training

Research states that your lungs work better at the end of your cycle, so keep up the strength to indulge in low-volume strength training and power activities.

It’s the best time to involve a mix of strength training and cardio later in your cycle.

Regular exercise is always a boon for your mind and body. There’s no scientific evidence that you should skip your workouts during your period

Add nutrition-rich food that cures menstrual cramps during periods.

It can be beneficial to you during that time of the month.


For your comfort and your body, because it goes through changes at this time, it is advised to cut back the intensity and continue with your exercise as soon as your body is capable of it!

Yet again, these exercises are advisable only when you don’t feel any discomfort during periods, if you feel like taking a rest go for it!

It's fine to take a break every once in a while, you deserve it!

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