How Alcohol Impacts Your Hair Quality And Causes Hair Loss?

Brittle, damage, or hair loss, Do you feel that your hair health has suddenly started declining? Even after using the most high-grade hair care products, it seems to get worse every day.

Hair products can only be a little help when it comes to improving hair quality. The quality of your hair also depends on what you eat and your water intake.

Our generation has an unconventional idea of fun, We like to indulge in activities that include alcohol, and it has become more crucial to take care of our diet.

Eating a wholesome diet, keeping yourself hydrated, and taking your nutrients are not enough these days (if you are adding Liquor into your diet, God have mercy!). We need to eliminate other harmful and impacting things too.

How Alcohol Impacts Your Hair Quality And Causes Hair Loss? - PowerGummies

With increasing pollution levels, stress, and chemical content in our hair products, the scalp and root produce more oil. Even after a thorough clean, the residue degrades the scalp condition, and hair roots become weaker.

Adding Liquior to your diet will make it worse. Let's know-how?

After few drinks, you not only need to worry about your hangover the next morning or dry throat, you will have to worry about your hair quality as well.

Alcohol is a composition that can alter your hair quality as it reduces the Zinc content in your body. It can make your hair dry, brittle and makes it more prone to split ends. Regular consumption can stop hair growth and induce more hair loss.

Fact: According to an article by Healthline, The loss of protein and nutrients increases during alcohol intake. It interferes with the absorption of protein or lower right nutrient consumption.

The most important question is how you can protect your hair?

Hmm, So the relevant answer to this question is to limit your alcohol intake. Moderation is the cure and increasing the water intake every day.

We want you to have extra fun so, if you have plans coming up then, don't forget to take your Hair vitamins, drink water, use natural hair products with no sulfate and keep alcohol intake regulated.

How Alcohol Impacts Your Hair Quality And Causes Hair Loss? | Power Gummies