Power Over Periods: 07 Superstitions Around Periods That Are Vain

Periods are normal! Are you PMSing? Are you okay? That time of the month? Today's Indian womaniyas have seen it all, the patriarchal domination, world crisis, and countless other phenomena.

The one thing that Indian society has a hard time grasping is the period issues and their related useless superstitions. During the last year's havoc,

We transitioned to the digital world, even though the world is accepting new ways of life.

Indian women still have to deal with the 1000-year-old book: How to humor ladies during that time of the month!

Straight out of the humor book, we have a few superstitions that are vintage and completely wrecked : 

# During your periods, please don't touch food or pickle or else it will rot:

# Women should not eat with their families especially, the male members:

# Women should not touch men during their periods:

# Women can contaminate other women, their Pain, and complication when they are on periods:

# If you don’t dispose of your pads without any cover, then you will attract ghosts:

# Don't water your plants during your menses, or else they all will die:

# If women on their periods touch antiseptic, it will no longer be 99% germ-free:

These Superstitions are a result of a narrow-minded society. Myths over knowledge have affected women during their menstrual cycle.

Women have gone through analogical challenges and still have to go through these issues.

We understand how adverse THAT TIME OF THE MONTH is and takes a toll on your body.

We appreciate your strength and are on a mission to break these taboos!

Power Over Periods: 07 Superstitions Around Periods That Are Vain | Power Gummies