Keto Power : Can You Eat Fruits On a Ketogenic Diet?

We have a gazillion Diets available in the weight loss community, and with that many options, we need to make sure what works for us or not.

Natures fruit is a high carbs candy that is off limit in the Ketogenic diet but there are few exceptions that are okay to add.

We have found fruits that you can add during your keto diet but before that-

What is the Keto diet?

It is a metabolic process. The body burns fats when it does not have enough glucose for energy. The fat-burning process builds up acids within the body, which are called Ketones.

It forces the body to burn fat rather than burning carbs. This diet does not include any carbs, so few fruits are off-limits.

1. Tomato - Vegetable or a fruit, The antioxidant booster is actually a fruit. Tomato is a low-calorie fruit that contains Vitamin C, beta carotene, and Lycopene.

A cup of cherry tomatoes has less than 40 calories, and due to high water content, it's a great fewer carbs fruit to include in your diet.

2. Star fruit - Kamrakh aka, Star fruit, has a sweet and sour taste, contains potassium and vitamin C. It is also in low calories, and when sliced, it looks like a star. This fruit contains about 5 g of net carbohydrates, with nearly 4 g of fiber.

3. Cantaloupe - This melon has the right amount of carbs per serving, keeps calories low, and keeps you hydrated, and can easily fit in your Keto diet plan. It is full of Vitamins and nutrients like potassium, vitamins C and A, and beta carotene.

4. Watermelon - Watermelons are the most extraordinary and hydrating fruit, but there is no fiber compared to other melons. It is a keto-friendly fruit great if you wish to keep the calorie and carb count in check.

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5. Avocados - Nutritionally dense fruit avocado is immensely popular among the diet community because of its creamy texture and fat content. Avocados are full of fiber and an ideal ingredient in your salads, smoothies, and other keto-friendly meals.

These mentioned fruits are low in sugar and will keep your nutrient content fulfilled.

The Keto diet has tons of benefits, and to ensure full-fledged results, keeping food ingredients in check is a must. We hope this helps and you have a fruitful Keto-diet journey!

Keto Power : Can You Eat Fruits On a Ketogenic Diet? | Power Gummies