What Does a Healthy Period Look Like

Have you ever wondered how some ladies have flawless skin, are virtually pain-free, and are in a good mood through their periods?

How does it feel to be god's favorite child? It might sound easy for some, but others face adverse and multiple issues during their menstrual cycle.

Periods are an essential function to ensure healthy hormonal balance. Healthy periods are feasible if an athletic lifestyle, less stressful, and healthy snacking habits are affirmed.

So if you are wondering what does healthy period feels like, then here are 03 indications that you have a healthy period routine:

1. Clear skin - Oh! Who doesn't want that! During PMSing, the skin texture changes and becomes more prone to get acne. Some also feel constant itchiness, dry and flaky skin which can impact the overall morale too.

Those who have a healthy period cycle, they are less impacted and have clear skin. A normal period cycle helps with estrogen levels and skin condition is better.

2. Little to no cravings - Oh! Those annoying breakouts! During periods, constant binge eating or uncontrollable carvings is a common phenomenon. (Add binge-watching Netflix too) Switching to healthy options are the most beneficial alternatives to have an easy flow.

3. Stable and happy mood - During the periods, women go through a turmoil of mood swings. Cramps, heavy bleeding, and hormonal imbalance are a few names that can infuriate mood changes.

A happy and stable mood might seem an unachievable dream, but it is attainable by including the right amount of healthy fats and Vitamins which, keep the menses regulated.

These are a few indications of a healthy period that might seem impossible but are attainable through the proper plan of action.

Add healthy fats, high fiber foods, Vitamins like That Time of The Month by Power gummies, a good sleep cycle, and a stress-free lifestyle to achieve an easy flow period routine.

We care for you and always recommend a consultation with a medical professional to understand your condition better and get full-fledged results.

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