How Many Calories To Burn A Day

Weight management is all about calories. The intake of calories and how you burn them.

Just like the old saying goes, “burn more calories than you consume” if you want to lose weight.


How to determine your calorie count?

How many calories should I take a day?

Does calorie intake really assist weight loss?

We’ll solve all your queries in this blog and give you some basic tips to balance and track your calorie intake.

Calories Are Vital

Calories are like fuel to your body that formulates functioning. Energy from calories sponsors every action from your general life to marathon runners.

Nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and protein contain calories and are the powerhouse of energy for your body.

No matter what you eat, everything is converted into energy and stored in your body as fat.

You burn calories when you move, exercise and do your daily tasks.

Surprisingly, your body is burning calories even when you are at rest through basic functions like breathing, cell processes and blood circulation.

It is important to note that calorie intake and exercise are an important part of weight loss, along with hormones and metabolism.

Men and Women Burn Calories Differently

Definitely yes! Males and females burn calories differently and at different rates. This is what affects the number of calories an individual burns.

Males generally have less body fat than females. They tend to have more muscle mass than women too. 

So, technically men burn more calories than women. This is also because of an individual’s body composition.

Calories and Weight Loss

It’s important to know how many calories your body needs to manage your weight, so you can start consuming calories fewer than this to lose weight.

Many people reduce their calorie intake by 500 kcal per day to achieve the desired weight loss goal.

Another alternative is to eat the same number of calories but does more exercise to burn calories.

This is known as calorie deficit when you eat fewer calories than you’re burning. This is an effective key to weight loss.

How To Balance Your Calorie Intake

Reduced Portion Size

The portion size affects how many calories you are consuming. If you double the amount of food, the calories will increase ultimately.

Controlling your portion size is the best way to control calories.

It’s common to overeat or lose track of your portion while dining out but when you stay in, stick to small portions and eat small meals often. 

Swap High-Calorie Foods With Low-Calorie Foods

If you want to cut calories, try simple substitutions as they can make a big difference in your weight loss journey.

For eg: Swap your regular whole milk with fat-free milk to save about 60 calories a glass. Swap your chips with popcorn.

Cut Down Low-Nutrition Foods

You may cut down on food like soda, ice cream, etc that are high-calorie items and low in nutrition.

Skipping one or two items like these is a good step to reducing calorie count.

Think about your daily meals and cut down on these items that make it difficult for you to lose weight.

Weight Loss Tips

People who want to lose weight fast should create a calorie deficit by moving more often, eating a lower calorie diet full of healthful fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water.


Losing weight might be very tough to do but choosing the right food and keeping a check on your calories is tougher.

Reducing your calorie intake is the best way to achieve the set weight goals.

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