Period Facts Not Everyone Knows About

We live in a country where even now only 36% of women use sanitary pads. While period talks and menstruation hygiene talks never come out.

There are other interesting facts about periods which no one has told you before. 

So we decided to step up and help you with some lesser-known knowledge about the periods. 


You Lose A Lot Less Blood Than You Think During Your Period

While having a heavy flow, a woman can lose around three tablespoons of blood during their periods. That’s just 60 millilitres or almost two shot glasses.

However, it might sometimes feel that the flow is making you lose a lot of blood but honestly, it’s not that much.

So, relax but don’t forget you have to take care of your health to get this blood back. 

Your Nightlight Can Help Regulate Your Period

The secretion of the sleep hormone is affected easily by light exposure. This hormone controls the release of the female reproductive hormones that determine menstrual health.

The goal is to avoid blackout during the last two weeks of your cycle. Sleep with the light on to deal with irregular periods.

Bleeding From The Eyes

Sounds terrifying, right?

This is known as vicarious menstruation where you bleed from organs beside your uterus like eyes.

While this is a rare condition caused when the endometrial tissue is transmitted through the bloodstream.

Seems Like Tampons Are Everyone’s Favourite

Approximately 70% of women use tampons during their menstruation. A woman may use nearly 11,400 tampons in her whole lifetime.

The reason might be the ease and this made it an important product in a woman’s life. 

Your Voice Changes When You Are Menstruating

The female reproductive hormones actually impact the vocal chords too. During menstruation, the sound of your voice changes and also some women smell differently.

Your hormones are again at fault for altering your voice.

Ladies, It’s More Than 400 Periods!

An average woman has more than 400 periods that is approximately 3500 days of menstruation.

This is the average count when a woman starts menstruating to her menopause.

A Woman Uses 18 Tampons A Cycle

You heard it right. On average, a woman uses 18 tampons during each cycle. This is one reason why some of the tampon boxes come in the pack of 18.

“The Story Of Menstruation”

In the 1940s, Walt Disney made a movie about periods. It was funded by Kotex and became the first movie to use the word vagina.

Essentially, the movie is for teens to educate them about menstruation.

Shopping Spree Is Common During Periods

Research suggests that women are likely to go on a shopping spree during their periods. The research proves that women spent more money shopped impulsive while on their periods.

Get ready to keep a check on your shopping mood.

The Starting Age Of Menstruating Women Have Changed

The average starting age of menstruation in the 1800s for women was around 17 years. However, nowadays the menstruating age has come down to 12 years as of now. 

The reason behind this as mentioned by scientists is improved nutrition, and fat cells making estrogen. The increased amount of estrogen in your body triggers your menstrual cycle. 

These facts are listed to increase your knowledge about the cycle that hits you every month.

You know well the myths destroy us and that’s we also have a myth- fact face-on, so you know what really is the truth. 

Having full knowledge about your body is the most important aspect a woman ignores. But this is not good in the long run.

It’s important for every woman to understand her body functions and especially menstruation -- the onset of womanhood and several other changes. 

Being aware of menstruation and helping each other know all about it is the first step towards the progress of women.

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