Healthy Yet Tasty Dinner Recipes You Can’t Resist!

How do you get through the week with healthy but filling meals that make you feel good and awesome about yourself? What’s the thing with quick weight loss and a healthy diet.

A healthy diet will consist of all the essential nutrients with a dash of taste that will make your taste buds swing with fun and your diet cycle.

Below is the sorted list for you to enjoy dinner and forget about the unnecessary calories:

# Masala Bhindi

With this quick and easy masala bhindi dish, you'll be in culinary heaven in no time. You'll want to prepare this tonight since it's so hot and delicious. Simply serve with steaming parathas and you're good to go.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 83 calories (approx). 

# Vegetarian Burritos

Tonight, instead of the usual, make our scrumptious Mexican burritos. The tortillas are stuffed with kidney beans and a cheesy mixture, and all you have to do now is serve them with delicious salsa.

Your family will have no idea they're healthy because they're so intriguing and delicious!

Calorie check: 

One serving= 450 calories (approx). 

# Dum Paneer

This dum-cooked paneer is delicious! If you're going for a low-calorie diet, you can even leave off the cream and eat guilt-free. This delectable curry, flavored with black pepper, will delight everyone at the dinner table, not just the vegetarians.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 390 calories (approx). 

# Dal Makhani

There must be a reason why dal makhani is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurant dishes. It's impossible to not be impressed by this creamy and decadent treat.

You may prepare the dish to perfection in your own home using this recipe. This fantastic recipe, made with the goodness of black urad dal, heart-melting masalas, and heaps of cream, is a must-try.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 280 calories (approx). 

# Mixed Vegetable Salad

The salad comes to mind first when thinking of a fat-free, low-calorie dinner. The colors, tints, flavors, and fragrances of this salad are a riot. It satisfies your hunger without causing you to gain weight.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 140 calories (approx). 

# Spicy Pasta

This is the ideal recipe to satisfy the demands of Italian food aficionados. With no cheese or fat-free cottage cheese, this whole wheat pasta is prepared with healthful greens like broccoli and tastes divine.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 180 calories (approx). 

# Baked Carrot Fries

These fries are not fried and are just called fries. Carrots, which are high in vitamins and minerals, contain no fat. In fact, they aid in the digestion of foods, resulting in the removal of fat from the body.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 120 calories (approx). 

# Peanut Noodles

Stir-fries have a lot going for them. They don't require any particular talents or unusual ingredients, and they're easy to make. The majority of the taste in this vegan recipe, which is filled with vitamin-rich vegetables, comes from the peanut sauce, which only requires simple ingredients.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 300 calories (approx). 

# Barley and Corn Salad

Here's a quick and easy way to serve a healthy side dish with your main course. Barley has been added to boost the salad's fibre level, while sweet corn adds a crunchy texture.

The red and yellow capsicums, as well as the spring onions, provide color to the meal and make it irresistible for you.

Calorie check: 

One serving= 230 calories (approx). 

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