Emotional PMS Symptoms That You Should Know About

Mood swings! Irritation! Happening with you too? Are you having PMS? Pre-Menstrual Symptoms also known as PMS bring with them a number of indications. Your uterus and ovaries are all a part of this process. The physical symptoms during your PMS are something you can get rid of through supplements, medication, or doing some exercises. 

However, there are a number of emotional symptoms that come during this PMS time. Some of the common PMS symptoms include period pain, mood swings, irritability, anger outbursts, low concentration, and so on. These symptoms make you know that your period is going to arrive soon. Thus, you can start preparing and collecting all the essentials that would be required during those 4-5 days. 

Therefore, it is essential that you have a knowledge of these emotional symptoms so that you can easily make out that your periods are around the corner. Once you get to know about the emotional PMS symptoms, you can buy your favourite snacks to curb your cravings and also keep something in advance. Apart from this, it is also a great idea to chew PMS relief gummies. 

Have a look at the emotional symptoms so that you can recognise if you are having PMS…

1. Food Cravings

Food Cravings

You might always crave good food. However, it is important that you keep your eye only on healthy food. Coming to the main point, when you are experiencing PMS, it is likely that you will start craving more food, particularly junk. 

You might want to eat more pizzas, noodles, and all of those fried and oily food. Besides this, you may even start craving something sweet such as dark chocolates, or candies. Ladies, this is where you should know that you have PMS. You can have some, however, try to limit this as junk food can worsen your periods. Oily and fried food can also worsen your period pain. 

2. Mood Changes

Mood swings are hell. One minute you are on the top of the mountain with your happiness and the next moment you may find your eyes filled with water or might even start crying. A gush of feelings starts rotating around your mind. So, ladies, when you find your mood changing a lot, remember your PMS has begun. So, you can begin your consumption of PMS relief gummies to relax your mind. 

3. Concentration Problem

Concentration problem in PMS

PMS is accompanied by a lot of physical symptoms such as bloating, muscle pain, period pain, headache, tiredness, and many more. Therefore, due to these your mind starts concentrating more on them and less on the work that is important. You might even become confused as your concentration level is not that high. Hence, when you have difficulty concentrating on your work, track if your period days are coming near or not. 

4. Social Isolation

Feeling low the whole day? Not in the mood to talk to anyone? Just wanna lie down on your bed? You might not be aware but this is a very common sign of Pre-Menstrual Symptoms. During this, you do not want to interact with more people and just want to keep it to yourself. More the people, the more the noise and interaction which might not entertain you during this time. 

5. Anger Outbursts

When having PMS, you might have anger outbursts too. As mentioned earlier, you might have a lot of mood swings during this time, thus, having an anger outburst is a common sign. As your body is going through a lot of hormonal changes and a number of feelings are rotating in your mind, you may not notice this. So, in case you shout at someone, ladies, you might be having Pre-Menstrual Symptoms. 

To Summarise

The arrival of PMS is indicated by both physical and emotional symptoms. Where physical symptoms such as period pain can be easily identified, emotional symptoms have to be given a focus. You might not take your mood swings seriously but they can be a sign that you are having PMS. Besides these, the above-outlined list can be helpful in recognising your PMS symptoms. 

Also, to curb your PMS symptoms, you can commence the intake of our “That Time of the Month” gummies that can assist in enhancing your ovarian health. These PMS relief gummies have a delicious strawberry flavour. It is also packed with multiple ingredients such as Chasteberry extract, Passion Flower, extract, Magnesium Sulphate, Milk Thistle extract, and Vitamins B6 and C. These amazing ingredients help lower your PMS symptoms, aid in preventing cramps and pain as well as provide you with restful sleep. 



  1. How to stop emotional PMS symptoms?

Emotional PMS symptoms can be stopped by doing some low-intensity exercises. You can even consume some of your favourite foods as this can ease your mood. Along with this, you can take proper rest, avoid the consumption of caffeinated products, and do some medication to calm your mind.

  1. How to treat PMS mood swings naturally?

To treat your PMS mood swings in a natural way, you can put on your earplugs and play your favourite playlist to relax. You can also take a hot shower so that your muscles are relaxed which in turn can aid in reducing mood changes. 

  1. How long do PMS emotions last?

The PMS emotions last for around 4 days after your periods have started. It generally starts around 1 week before the arrival of your period. It even depends upon the stress levels you are experiencing.

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