10 Vegetables That Surprisingly Are Considered Fruits!

Are you still wondering that whether the tomato is a fruit or vegetable? If you are still a little skeptical about that, we have insightful information about vegetables that are actually fruits!

Botanically, few vegetables(you think) that are veggies actually come under the fruit category. They do not get considered fruits based on their sweetness, but it depends on the seeds. You eat the plant itself when you eat vegetables, but it is not the case with fruits.

Fruits are not the plant itself, but it is the reproductive part of the plant. Fruits are a seed-bearing part of a plant created from the ovary of a flowering bulb, whereas greens are all the other parts of a plant, such as its roots, leaves, and stems.

We have found ten vegetables that are actually fruits!

# Peppers: Chilli peppers, bell peppers to every pepper you must have heard about- are fruits! We know spicy fruit!

# Cucumbers: So, pickles are fruits? Yes, cucumbers are part of the fruit clan. Cucumbers also come under the gourds category.


# String beans: A shock indeed! Who would have thought that these beans are fruits, but they are as they have seeds that are plants reproduce!

# Okra: One of the most nutritious fruits available, and most of us would like to skip but should add to our diets. Okra is full of nutrition!

# Corn: Not a fruit, but corns are under the dry fruit category.

# Zucchini: Another member of the gourd family just, like cucumbers! Zucchini gets acknowledged as a type of berry.


# Avocados: They botanically are come under the category of berries. A single-seeded fruit!

# Olives: If you think do olives come under the fruits category? The answer I yes! They're considered stone fruit.

# Eggplant: So, are you fond of berries that you can try eggplants because they are berries too.

# Peas: Peas are considered pods, not fruits, but they get considered one because they have seeds that are plant reproduce.

Vegetables or fruits! It doesn't matter but what matters is that they are full of good things that can nourish our bodies from the inside. So, pick your favorite fruit and add it to your diet!

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