Power Over Periods: Get Your Period Prep Kit Ready!

Oh, the festive vibe is in the air! Managing periods during the festivals is such a task. Do not let your periods stop you from having fun! Being prepared during periods is crucial. We mean crucial... We are here to encourage you to have fun without a bum!

In the primary step, You need to see if your periods synced with the party plans? If yes, then you need to plan everything accordingly.

Don't let your glow tame down because of periods! We have dispensed the list of products you need to keep in a prep bag for smooth and easy That Time of the Month.

1. A tampon/ Pad/ Menstrual cup: Festivities call for dancing your heart out, moving around, and running through markets to buy that one thing you have been eyeing. Keeping a Pad handy is always necessary.

You can switch to alternatives available in the market as well like, Tampons and Menstrual cups. These alternatives are great if you are planning on moving all day and have a heavy flow.

2. Hygiene Wipes: During your menstrual cycle, you are more prone to get infections. There will be a tendency to get infected, especially if you are using a public washroom. Use Hygiene Wipes before and after using the loo.

3. A nutritional snack: Okay! Let's get real! We all love the festive food. These festive soul foods are mouthwatering but have higher sodium content and are super greasy.

They make your cramp pain more unmanageable. So, try and skip salty and oily food items and accommodate fresh fruits or get a high fiber nutty bar in your prep bag.

4. Gummies: You can move this to your top priority list, not just during festivities but also to add as a habit to ensure painless periods every month. Gummies have all the good stuff that you need to keep period pangs far away.

That Time of The Month - PowerGummies

That Time Of The Month has vital nutrients and Vitamins you need to let your periods pass without hampering your day, and they taste like candy! So, win-win for you.

5. Travel pouch: You need a trendy but accessible bag that keeps all your necessities ready for the day. You can tick that off from your list and get Power gummies Striped Lightweight and Handy Makeup Pouch.

6. A stain removal pen: We know you worry that period stan will ruin your favorite outfit. Not anymore, because all you need is an instant stain removal pen that will help you remove the stain.

Don't let your period stop you from dancing to your favorite song. These items will keep you covered! Now, go and focus on just having fun.

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