What Are The Reasons For Mood Swings During Periods?



The fluctuations in your mood -- anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, irritation are a part of PMS symptoms that come before the onset of periods. Mood swings on period are common!

A lot of women admit they get unstable because of this rollercoaster of emotions during that time of the month.

Mood swings on period go like -- one minute you feel fantastic, happy, optimistic and the next minute, something disturbs you and you start being sad, angry and oversensitive.

This can happen in a combo too!

Other than these delightful combos of mood swings on period, some women endure depression or anxiety too.

All this is not fair, right?

Your mood is sensitive and can be affected by small things even the sandwich in breakfast or the flavour of ice cream.

Can you control the mood swings on period?

Let’s dig deep into the causes and treatments of mood swings on period and know-how can one remain stable even during that time of the month.


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Hormones are at fault.

While it isn’t exactly clear why women go through mood swings on period but its universally hormonal fluctuations have been accepted as the cause of it.

However, which hormone is the real culprit isn’t sure yet!

Some research proves that the hormone puzzle for mood swings on period isn’t solved yet.

But both oestrogen and progesterone hit the rock bottom a few days before the menstrual cycle and this is a significant reason for your mood swings on period.

The algorithm is oestrogen peaks around day 14 of the menstrual cycle and initiates ovulation.

This is the part where we are the happiest.

However, after ovulation, oestrogen starts declining and keeps fluctuating until it decreases enough to initiate menstruation. 

These fluctuations are critical and may result in the dominance of one hormone over the other.

And this hormone dominance is associated with mood swings on period involving irritability and anger followed by low mood, sadness and low self-confidence making you anxious and depressed.

Another reason for mood swings on period stated is interaction and metabolism of other hormones, for example, Serotonin!

A drop in this hormone is also found to be guilty of your changing mood swings on period


While the causes for mood swings on period aren't that clear.

One must bring in some lifestyle changes to deal with the twists and turns that come in the form of mood swings on periods with ease.

Follow these tips to calm down your mood swings on periods:

Healthy Diet

We know you want to cry over silly things while eating a bucket of ice cream or binge eating pizza and chocolates but it won’t help you.

By just eating a varied and healthy diet you can benefit yourself in more ways than you think and also help control period mood swings.


# Eat small meals in small intervals to keep your blood sugar stable.

# High blood sugar may feel more irritating and so avoid junk as much as possible. 

# Increase your intake of protein and shift to healthy snacking habits.

# Gorging on fast food makes you feel guilty and can pop negative feelings too.

So, eat well, feel better and control period mood swings!


You are probably going to skip this, right?

You might give excuse, how will exercise help with mood swings on period! But we insist not to.


Exercising daily will benefit your body and mind because it releases endorphins which is a feel-good chemical and can act as a mood booster.

So when your mind is calm you can easily control period mood swings.


Kick off the period mood swings with sound sleep. 

Lack of sleep may lead to anxiety, depression, irritation and much more.

Make it a goal to get an eight-hour sleep for the better functioning of your body and hormones.


Mood Diary

Lots of people do this healthy exercise of journalising their thoughts.

This helps to pour in their emotions and feelings and also help them feel relaxed.

Keeping a mood diary sounds traditional but it truly works magic for people who can’t express their thoughts vocally.


Jot down your experience during period mood swings and feel light!

Healthful Supplements

Women trust supplements and medications to manage mood swings on period when everything else fails for them.

Indeed, it is fine to find an alternative!

Supplements like That Time of The Month Vitamins Gummies for getting relief from mood swings on period comes in delicious flavour and shape.

The PMS Gummies by Power Gummies contain passion flower extract, an ingredient used to deal with mood swings on period for a long now.

Other than this, do what you love, anything that keeps your mood and spirits high.

Be happy and enjoy a peaceful period!

Also, eating your favourite food once in a while won’t harm you much.

Start Enjoying Your Healthful Periods, and get through mood swings on period with ease.

What Are The Reasons For Mood Swings During Periods? | Power Gummies