5 Yoga Asanas to Do With Your Partner for Valentine’s Day Celebration

Are you setting your itinerary for the most romantic day of the year? We have a pretzel-worthy activity that you need to add to the list. Something that helps you revive your love plus benefits your and your partner's mind, body and soul! Indulging in a Valentine’s-day activity with your loved ones will help you connect better; and adds more love to your love meter.

Yoga Asanas to Do on Valentine's Day With Your Partner

Cooking together, watching Netflix, indulging in some cuddling are basic things in the to-do list, but to give something new a try, take out the Yoga mats and do couple Yoga this time. Yoga can rev up your trust levels, and it is an innovative way to magnify the bond. 

Here Are a Few Asanas to Practice and Enjoy With Your Significant Other:

Temple Pose:

How to do it: 

# Take your yoga mats, and start by facing each other. The first thing you need to do is smile and keep your feet hip-width apart. 
# Then Inhale and extend your arms overhead, and move hinge ahead at the hips until you meet hands with your mate. 
# Once in the position, then slowly begin to fold forward, bringing both of your elbows, forearms, and hands, so they relax against your partners. 
# Then you need to relax and put equal weight against each other, pushing into the arms and hands so that the chest frees towards the floor. 
# Keep a hold, continue inhaling and exhaling. Start walking towards each other, bring your torso back in place and relax your arms. 

Chair Pose:

How to do it:

# Stand beside one another and keep your feet hip-width apart.
# Slowly start walking toward each other and tilt into your mate's back for balance. You can twist your arms with each other for stability and squat down into a chair pose.
# Keep on adjusting until you reach a comfortable chair pose.
# Push against each other for further support for stability.
# Ensure taking deep breaths and getting back up. Start walking, keeping your feet apart. Try repeating the pose for some extra challenge. 

Seated Cat-Cow Pose:

How to do it:

# Cat and cow variation move, place your yoga mats, sit cross opposite your partner, and retain securely onto one another’s arms. 
# The next step is to maintain an equal resistance and pull your shoulders back & down. 
# Exhale and inhale, then lift both your heads stretching towards your chest. 
# This pose is preferred to be done in seated form, and you need to hold this position for at least 15-30 seconds to exhale once done. 
# Tuck your chin in your chest after exhaling. Look towards your belly button, keep your upper back rounded and stretch your shoulder backs. 
# Keep hold of this position and keep seated in a cat pose, hold it for a few seconds, then keep changing between cat and cow pose. 

Twin Trees Pose:

Twin Trees Pose | Weight Loss gummies

How to do it:

# Stand right next to each other's shoulders with feet wide apart. Plant your leg inside onto the floor, spread your toes and hold your weight through the whole foot. 
# Then slowly lift your other leg, flex at the knee and place the sole of your foot against either the flank of your lower leg. 
# Keep in check whether you are comfortable with the balance against the innards of your thigh. 
# Avoid putting too much pressure and hold your arms for support. 
# Do try to raise your arms above your head if comfortable. It can be mastered by practicing daily. 

Buddy Boat Pose:

Buddy Boat Pose | Weight Management Gummies

How to do it: 

# Sit in front of a partner and about a leg apart, try to reach opposite sides of your legs and grip your partner's hands. Bend your knees forward and place your soles of feet jointly. 
# Try and keep a balance with your partner on both of your sit bones. You can ensure you are on your sit bones by tilting your pelvis into a neutral position and sitting up straight. 
# Both partners then slowly straighten their legs to form the boat pose. 
# It would help if you found balance with your partner on both of your sit bones instead of sitting on your pelvis. 
# Be neutral and sit straight, then slowly straighten their legs to form the boat pose. Pull your lower back in and engage your body for the proper stance.

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5 Yoga Asanas to Do With Your Partner for Valentine’s Day Celebration | Power Gummies