Power Over Periods: 5 Ways to Heal Period Cramps During Festivities

We are sure you feel the festive vibes by now! The markets are full of people, the aroma of freshly made sweets, kids all dressed up. The festive season is full of interesting things, minus the excessive cleaning.

The only thing that can be added to the non-exciting list is PERIODS! Who wants to deal with the periods or any of its symptoms during festivities? No one, but we have to! So let's win and handle our period cramps like a pro. It's time to enjoy and not get even a tiny bit less enthusiastic.

The most excruciating thing to deal with during periods is Menstrual cramps (they completely ruin your day). They cause discomfort in your lower back, stomach, groin, and upper thighs.

Don't let your period ruin your day! It is always better to plan and be ready for all the challenges associated with your menses.

Here are a few tips that you can follow before the festivities:

# Pack an essentials kit- Packing essentials will help you get prepared if your period arrives unexpectedly!

# Smile: Periods can make you feel sluggish and get your excitement level down so, try to be chill and smile.

# Maintain Hygiene: Keep it clean! Try changing your pads/tampons frequently and not more than 6-8 hours. Using public washrooms can make you prone to getting infections so, keep hygiene wipes handy with you.

As always, we have found ways for you to enjoy the festivities by adding these remedies to deal with cramps!

1. Enjoy herbal teas: Teas have anti-inflammatory properties that ease your muscles contractions in the uterus. It helps with the cramping and calms your muscles.

Festivals can be overwhelming, stressful, and induce insomnia. Teas like chamomile, ginger can ease your pain and improve your overall well-being.

2. Use heat pads: To relieve tension, improve blood flow and relax your muscles with the help of little heat. You can take a hot shower or use heat pads to help with cramps.

3. Eat right: Food is a clean source to get relief from spasms. Anti-inflammatory food items promote blood flow and relax your uterus, plus point they taste good.

You can include walnuts, almonds, fatty fish like salmon, and leafy fresh veggies. Spices like turmeric, ginger, or garlic have tons of benefits as well to ease cramp discomfort.

4. Massage therapy: Massages that focus around the abdominal area, will help to relax the uterus and with reducing cramps. Full body massage can help with the overall stress as well.

5. Dietary supplements: Adding nutrients and vitamins helps your body tackle the periods easily and reduce its symptoms. Period-friendly Vitamin is Vitamin D which helps your body to reduce inflammation and absorb calcium more promptly.

That Time of The Month - PowerGummies

We know how troublesome periods can be and makes you feel lazy. Not anymore, get yourself a That Time of the Month Gummies that will drastically improve your period symptoms for good.

These berry-flavored gummies have Vitamin-B6 that helps with reducing a wide range of PMS indications and mood fluctuations, and Chasteberry extracts are known to calm period cramps.

Go, Girl! Enjoy your festivities without cramps stopping you.

We care for you and recommend checking with a medical professional to understand your symptoms before any lifestyle changes.

Power Over Periods: 5 Ways to Heal Period Cramps During Festivities | Power Gummies