6 Items You Should Have in Your Period Care Kit

To experience your best period ever, you need a pre-packet kit that has everything to help you manage your annoying periods! The monthly uneasiness can make women distressed and annoyed, plus it can hinder the routine. Mood swings, pain, and anxiety are a few of the familiar symptoms that can make you feel super uncomfortable.

These symptoms are not so common among women as they can differ from woman to woman. Time to brace ourselves and get our trackers out to start managing our period like a pro!

We have a list of periods products that can help you manage your periods better:

1. Herbal Tea Sachets: Coffee is not the best option to drink during the Meneses, you can replace it with Tea. Caffeine can heighten your PMS cramps and also impact your sleep cycle. Herbal tea can not only alleviate your pain but also helps relax cramp-causing muscles.

2. Pain-Relief Roll-On: An instant pain reliever for cramps and period discomfort. You can make your pain reliever by using essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. It helps reduce soreness without any chemicals.

3. Heating Patches: Experience calming effect by using period comfort patches. They provide overall heat for relief in the lower abdomen, lower back, joints, muscles, and legs. You can buy herbal patches that have essential oils, and they will naturally reduce pain, inflammation, and gastrointestinal problems.

4. Epsom Salt: A long bath is nourishing and relaxing during periods. You can add Epsom salt to add magnesium content that makes it anti-inflammatory and assists in relaxing uterine contractions that cause pain and cramps.

5. Dark Chocolate: A total must-have to deal with those sudden sugar cravings. Dark chocolate is high in potassium which allows your muscles to function properly, and manage period cramps.

6. Period safe undergarments: If you have a heavy flow and pads don't work well for you, then try adding Period safe undergarments that will help you keep it not messy down there.

One more thing you need in your period is PMS relieving supplements. We have a product that can help you manage your periods like a pro.

That Time of The Month gummies help with Constant mood pangs, anxiety, bloating, painful cramps before & after your periods are restrictive, and they thwart your entire lifestyle. 

These gummies will help you bounce back to your daily task and help you move along with your lifestyle. 

These Power gummies have Vitamin C that helps with iron deficiencies and repairs body tissues. Vitamin B6, magnesium sulfate, and milk thistle can relax muscles and balance your mood.

6 Items You Should Have in Your Period Care Kit | Power Gummies