Power Over Periods: Reason Why Periods Can Get Worse During Winters

Periods all year around are challenging, and they make us uneasy every month. Every woman's experience is varied, and no amount of study can prove otherwise. During chilly weather, we all want to stay curled up in the blankets.

But our mood changes drastically, makes you feel sick, cramps are not easy to deal with, and much more Uhhh! Winter somehow amplifies the impacts periods have on our body, making it even tough to deal with and making us more stressed. Commonly, your premenstrual stress can get worse during wintertime.

The hours usually go by quickly, and most days are darker that makes us feel lethargic and experience sudden mood dips. Whenever That Time of The Month arrives, a sudden change in so many hormones causes more distress.

many hormones causes more distress - Powergummies

We need happy hormones to encourage us, and to cheer up, and for that, we need sunshine! After staying under the warm sun, you get vitamin D & dopamine, essentially both are Happy hormone inducers as they help boost mood, happiness, motivation, and concentration.

During wintertime, We rarely get to see the sunlight, and on top of that, we like to stay indoors, eat more, and don't like moving around. If you stay active or do some regular exercises, then your periods are much more manageable.

The real question is how to manage it and make it easy for us during that time of the month? We did some digging and have found a few ways you can manage your periods like a pro during winters.

1. Light an aroma candleAromatherapy can do wonders, especially if you like a good smell and how relaxed it makes you feel. Some don't like or feel irritated with a certain smell, so choose your scents according to your taste. The right scent can change the way you sense and help the amount of pain that you feel.

Some women also face insomnia during that time of the month, so you can light a lavender-scented candle which helps induce sleep.

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2. Get your mittens and caps out: If you are going through your menses, keep yourself piled up with sweaters, jackets, and gloves. You must stay warm during winters to ensure that your body is relaxed. Keep your hand warmers and hot water bags to stay warm as it helps in reducing cramps. You can also try running during your periods to raise the temperature.

3. Acupressure: Acupressure can help balance the hormones in your body and help to release a happy chemical in your brain.

4. Cut down on carbsAvoid food items that are high in carbohydrates like pizza, burgers. Soy and Grain-based foods, like rice, pasta, and bread, should be omitted as well, especially during that time of the month.

5. Sip a cup of warm teaPrepare a hot cup of tea whenever you feel down and feel too much cramp. You can drink turmeric and ginger tea to relax and release stress.

Sip a cup of warm tea - Powergummies

Winter can make you a little weary and tough, notably during that time of the month. We know you are a strong woman!

We have a solution to help you get through with it. Go, get yourself a That Time of The Month Gummies that will drastically improve your period symptoms for good.

These berry-flavored gummies have Vitamin-B6 that helps with reducing a wide range of PMS indications and mood fluctuations, and Chasteberry extracts are known to calm period cramps.

We care about you, and if you resonate with any of these signs, we recommend you reach out to a medical professional for help.

Power Over Periods: Reason Why Periods Can Get Worse During Winters | Power Gummies