4 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight During Your Menses

Every month, The day of misery arrives way before that time of the month, PMS! There is no ending to it, and often we are underprepared for what is coming this time. One of the most common issues occurs because of your hormonal imbalance.

But have you ever felt that your favorite jeans have suddenly shrunk and you cannot fit in just before you are supposed to get your periods! No-No, it is not because of the extra slice of pizza(maybe) you had last night, but it can be because of your body signaling that your periods are here soon.

That dreaded signal with cramping, fatigue to mood swings, headaches, and nausea is the sign of your menses arrival plus bloating that makes your abdominal section suddenly puffy.

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What are the reasons you gain weight? 

Our bodies work differently, and some lucky ones might not have to face the issues related to PMS, but the rest who have mood swings, cramping, and so many more problems, add another to the list, weight gain plus bloating! Hormonal changes in your body cause water retention that can commence bloating and constipation.

The fluctuation of progesterone levels affects the digestive system in your body. Because of the digestive issues, some women experience diarrhea which makes cramping challenging during menses. Your body retains more water than expected and leads to water weight gain. 

Let's deeply understand the reasons why you gain weight during your menses: 

1. Your hormones levels are most probably disturbed!Your hormones begin fluctuating before your periods and estrogen levels peak, which is part of the early stages of your menstrual cycle.

The high levels of estrogen in your body can lead to retaining more water than required, and that causes you to gain a few extra weights. The Progesterone levels get hiked in the second half of the cycle, and you tend to retain more water. It leads to breast tenderness and that weight gain. 

2. You're drinking too much caffeineDrinking coffee in the morning does help with getting your body ready to deal with the day, but during your menstrual cycle, it can make you more fatigued. It can provoke gastrointestinal issues that lead to bloating and discomfort. Caffeinated drinks contain sugar which adds to more strain and stimulates bloating. 

3. Your craving is an added reason -  When your progesterone levels are spiked, you carve more and increase your appetite. You end up eating more calories during this span, and you bloat more. You crave salty and sweet food because of the sudden spike in hormones like salty chips, candies, and whatnot that result in gaining more water weight. 

4. You have magnesium deficiency The magnesium levels drop a week before your actual period date leading to more discomfort, plus bloating. Magnesium helps with reducing stress and helps improve insulin resistance levels. 

How can I control the bloating? And ways you can manage your weight during periods:

Your period weight gain is not your gaining any fat as it is more likely to be your water weight which goes away once your periods get passed. Hormonal irregularity is the foremost reason you gained those extra pounds, but with a fulfilling diet and exercise, you can reverse it.

To minimize the period puffiness, drink tons of water to flush out the toxins out of your system, keep on moving, and it will combat your hormonal effects. Take supplements that have magnesium plus vitamins to reduce bloating.

Avoid including too much salt in your diet, and eat more citrus fruits as they help with reducing bloating. It will help release extra water weight as well. 

Periods can be troublesome, but what is the solution?

We have a solution to help you get through with it. Go, get yourself a That Time of The Month Gummies that will drastically improve your period symptoms for good.

These berry-flavored gummies have Vitamin-B6 that helps with reducing a wide range of PMS indications and mood fluctuations, and Chasteberry extracts are known to calm period cramps.

We care about you, and if you resonate with any of these signs, we recommend you reach out to a medical professional for help.

4 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight During Your Menses | Power Gummies