4 Best Exercises You Can Perform During Periods!

80% of women will agree that periods are a complete catastrophe! A mess indeed, we often are guilty of eating like a horse, swallowing loads of chocolate, and cuddling up in our ugly sweater from last Christmas. And we all are guilty of buying that random cute teddy bear heating pad that does not work 50% of the time.

The cliche way of managing periods is history, nowadays coping with that time of the month comes with a silver lining. We have so many options available in the market to cope with pain and PMS symptoms (like That time of the month gummies), heat patches, and so many more options, but still, one thing that we desperately want to overlook is mindful movement. 

So, it turns out the only thing we wanted to take off our to-do list during the moon cycle is important! Yes, not acting like a zombie during your period flow seems perfectly acceptable and relieves your period cramp. The very first step you need to do is, crawl out of your bed and get your workout gear on to activate the almond in your brains for that tiny drop of motivation that is left.

The second stage, hydrate, and hydrate to get your body moving. The third step is regretting the very decision to get out of the bed and listen to your body if you don't feel like you still have an option to get back in your warm and cozy bed. 

Exercises During Periods | Period Pain Relief

But if you want to otherwise, we can go on with the 4th to start with your workout routine and decide what type of activity you are interested in. Here are five exercises you can do to manage your cramps and moon time: 

1. Walk like you are the diva: Act like you are in a Bollywood movie and walk till you reach your Rahul. Walking can diminish cardiovascular disorders, and aerobic activities can relieve PMS symptoms. Estrogen/progesterone is low during the moon cycle, and that can make you feel lethargic and unmotivated. 

2. Run-on, rock on: Running has a positive impact on period pain and can reduce your symptoms plus cramps during that time of the month. So, get your shoes on, set your playlist, and run. 

3. Wiggle like a fish: Getting your puffy body into a swimsuit during period flow seems brutal, we know! Swimming can help you become comfortable and is one of the most peaceful exercises you can do during the flow. You can help relieve the physical and mental signs of PMS, including stress, despair, strain, mood changes, inadequate coordination, headache, exhaustion, discomfort, breast tenderness, and pangs. 

4. Do it at your own pace, Pilates: Most contemporary exercise on the block, you can do it on your pace type workout that helps lessen physical and mental signs of PMS, reducing anxiety, and balancing hormones.  

One more thing you need in your period is PMS relieving supplements. We have a product that can help you manage your periods like a pro.

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4 Best Exercises You Can Perform During Periods! | Power Gummies