Power Health Care: 6 Reasons Why You Need to Try Ice Bath

What would you do if someone asked you to dive into cold water for the sake of your sanity? Slightly Triggering but taking a dip in ice cold water might not sound as thrilling & chilling, but this can transform the way you feel about your gloomy day. It is one of the most relaxing activities you can do to calm yourself, and has health benefits such as it can reduce muscle pain and soreness and make your heart bloomy again.

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There is an ongoing debate where few anti-icers believe that it can be risky for people with health conditions or not very effective. You try it- you know it, type situation is much more precise in such scenarios.

Plunging in cold water for 10-15 minutes is part of the pre-post ritual for athletes to do well in hardcore exercising sessions. This therapy is also called cold water immersion or cold hydrotherapy. Water temperature is usually 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is enough to give your chills. 

Do's and Don'ts to Follow When Taking Ice Baths: 

Yes, taking a toe temperature test is a must, but when to dive in is what calls for your attention! Even though an ice water bath is okay to take whenever you need, timing is crucial if you wish to immerse in cold water, and the end goal is to calm the muscles down after an intense workout. 

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Another question that arises here is how long you should stay in the cool water-the simple thing you need to keep in mind is not to stay in the water for more than 15 minutes.Risking to stay in water for more than 15 minutes can potentially evoke the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. Don't forget to keep your timer next to you! 

Here Are Six Benefits of Taking an Ice Water Bath:

It Helps With Aching Muscles:

Cold Ice bath reduces muscle soreness after an intense workout. It helps ease pain by making your blood vessels relax. It reduces the blood flow and minimizes swelling.

Improves Workout Recovery:

If you have a strict intense workout routine, an ice water bath can help you recover faster and improve your performance. Athletes take ice baths when they need to train harder and increase endurance. They use ice packs to soothe sore muscles. After coming out of an ice bath, the temperature helps rapidly open the blood vessels, allowing muscles' metabolic waste to flush out. 

Helps Cool Down Body Temperature:

Summer's can become quite unbearable, and a great way to lower your body temperature effectively is by dipping in an ice bath. You can cool off twice as fast if you immerse yourself in cold water, especially after a highly intense body movement. 

Boosts Mental Health:

Dipping in cool water is a pick me up when it comes to psychology , and researchers have proven that this improves your mental state. Once you will be able to tolerate the chill once in the cold water, the magic will begin! It recovers your physical state and gives you a relaxing experience mentally.

Improves Blood Circulation:

Dip in water and it will help your blood start to rush to your organs. Your heart pumps the blood harder and provides your body with all the vital nutrients and oxygen it needs. Mindful movement like walking for 10 minutes has the same impact, but you should prefer including both in your routine to stay healthier and fitter.

Improves Your Mood:

We all have those days when we have to go through those blues and need an instant boost rather than relying on medications. Cold water acts like an electric shock that sends a jolt of energy back to your nerves, giving them more power to get charged up, including your brain's function.The calm of this sudden cold will refresh your mood and give your body everything it needs to come out of the depressing zone. 

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