7 Ways To Deal With Your Menses On Hustling-bustling Day

We all have heard the Monday blues, but have you heard about the period's blues? Yes, Period Blues is a real thing, and we officially don't like them, mainly if you have loads of work waiting for you at your desk.

Those dreaded period blues can be challenging, plus the PMS symptoms strike. We know all you want to do is snuggle in your cozy blanket, wallow with a tub of ice cream and question your very existence but can't on a workday!

The revelation is you can make your work-period day bearable with just a few steps, and we have accumulated six steps that can help you endure the day without being grumpy and agitated.

Get enough sleep before the hustling - PowerGummies

1. Keep track of your cycle: Be prepared! Keep track of your period cycle. Tracking your periods will help you review what are the symptoms, like fluctuations in energy levels, bowel movements, moods, cravings, and sleep patterns. This data will help you determine your period patterns, and you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

2. Move around: No one likes to exercise while menstruating, but the best you can do to release stress and help with the cramps is mindful movement. Try desk yoga or take a brisk walk.

3. Keep your essentials available: Keep an extra tampon or pad in your purse way ahead of your period cycle. If you don't have an electric socket available for a heating pad, then you can buy heat patches to stay warm and comfortable.

4. Don't binge on salty snacks: Period cravings are a real thing! So if you start craving a big bag of chips, remind yourself to switch to healthy snacks. Eating less salty food items will help you manage the period cramps.

5. Pick comfortable clothing: Try wearing comfy clothes and try skipping those pretty heels! You can turn up in sweatshirts for that extra comfort. You will have extra room to bloat.

6. Get enough sleep before the hustling: Sleeping for 8 hours at least before the workday will help you stay calm and lessen those twitches.

7. Eat magnesium-rich supplements: Magnesium is a miracle mineral! If you feel nervous, have sudden uneasiness, restlessness, and feel cranky, then magnesium mineral supplements are all you need to manage your workday swiftly.

Period Pains are hard to deal with and especially on a workday!

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We care about you, and if you resonate with any of these signs, we recommend you reach out to a medical professional for help.

7 Ways To Deal With Your Menses On Hustling-bustling Day | Power Gummies