Desi Winter Food Items That You Should Eat During Menses

The days are shorter, and the nights are longer! As we are transiting toward the colder days, we need to become pro to adjust our bodies and get ready to boost up our metabolism. We become lazier as the temperature falls, so to process better and keep our bodies moving efficiently, we need to fill ourselves with the right kind of food. Menses are a bit tricky to handle, especially during the colder weather. We need to maintain a healthy balance to ensure a stimulating cramp-free flow.

One needs to fuel with the right food options to regulate hormones and lessen the signs of any PMS symptoms. So to burst the bubble of misconception about what you can eat during your periods or how to manage your periods during colder weather, we have a solution to tame down the impacts of periods during chilly weather. We have a list of 5 healthy food choices that will help maintain a wholesome supply of nutrients in your body to cope with any period-related symptoms.

-Here is the list of 5 food items that will help you maintain a healthy body during that time of the month.


A great source of calcium, yogurt is a great breakfast option to reduce PMS symptoms and relax your body muscles. Include full-fat yogurt in your diet while you are on your periods. You can add berries to your yogurt to maximize the antioxidants, and try skipping adding sugar as it has more harmful impacts on your body.

Power gummies- Yogurt- Desi winter food items that you should eat during Menses


Berries are full of antioxidants, and they are a nutrient powerhouse, which has all sorts of vitamins and minerals. They positively boost your mood and protect your brain cells. You can eat them as it is or add them to other lunch or breakfast options. 

Power Gummies- Berries- Desi winter food items that you should eat during MensesLeafy greens:

Including leafy greens in your diet is crucial, and mainly during your menses, they provide the optimum nutrition that your body needs. Leafy greens have high levels of iron which you need to manage the blood lost during your periods. Eat tons of salads with kale and spinach as they have high iron content in them.

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Bananas contain high content of Vitamin B6 and are a rich source of potassium which helps enhance the mood, plus they help with the digestive system in prime condition. You can include bananas in your smoothies or pancakes and stay stress-free. 

Power Gummies- Banana- Desi winter food items that you should eat during Menses


Root vegetables are a great choice to include during wintertime. Vegetables like Turnip help keep your body warm and generate more heat in your body. They are a great source to maintain a healthy digestive system. You should add them to your soups, stews, and salads.

Power Gummies- Turnip-Desi winter food items that you should eat during Menses 

When it comes to PMSing and your periods, taking small steps to ensure that you are comfortable and maintaining a healthy diet is crucial. Keep including healthy diet options and include mindful movement to ease period pains. Gradually you will be able to manage your periods and lessen the discomfort. 

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